Kenilworth Lodge

Kenilworth Lodge Sebring Florida

For our 40th wedding anniversary, we stayed at the Kenilworth Lodge in Sebring Florida. Art and I love history so this historical place was something we both enjoyed. Our stay there was a special time because it was during the Christmas season and the hotel was beautifully decorated.

Art is a caricature artist and was hired to perform for The Palms of Sebring Retirement Center.

The hotel was built in 1916 by George Sebring, who founded the town of, Sebring. The Kenilworth Lodge was a seasonal hotel, open only in the winter.  George Sebring was friends with the president of the Seaboard Atlantic Railway, and every train stopped in Sebring.

Kenilworth Lodge is a Mediterranean Revival hotel with a grand staircase and a 4,000 square foot lobby.  The Lodge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It was good that we visited the Lodge at the specific date because the hotel has since been closed. We sincerely hope that the Kenilworth Lodge will be reopened.  It would be unfortunate to have this historic place closed to the public.

Kenilworth Lodge in Sebring Florida


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