Lake Mary Farmers Market

On Saturday, July 8, 2017, Art and I traveled to the Lake Mary Farmers Market for an interview with our friends Tom and Lisa Donohue, the founders of CleanPeace Soap. CleanPeace Handcrafted Soap is lovingly made by Tom and Lisa, in their kitchen with 100% food grade oils and either pure essential oils or fragrance oils. No animal fat nor detergents are used in their products.

What began as a hobby for friends and family, now, due to many requests for their products, has turned into a fine and artistic array of wonderful scents and color ladened natural soaps, bar lotions, and scrubs.  You can purchase Clean Peace Soaps online and at the Lake Mary Farmers Market. A few of our favorites are,”Garage Band,” “Almond Lovin,.  Carol says that showering in the morning using the “Sargent Peppermint”, wakes you up better than coffee!” There is a wonderfully scented soap for eveyone.  Enjoy!

They enjoyed the 60’s and 70’s music, with the vibrant art and an earthy, casual and independent spirit, that’s how their product mark was born.
Lake Mary, Farmers Market